When reducing costs is important...

Reduced stock costs with unified stock control

  • Manage inventory across all your channels
  • Avoid overselling
  • Stock quantity triggers and protection options
  • Use own stock, supplier stock, drop shipper's & third party fulfillment stock

Our unified inventory management approach will ensure you avoid overselling and allow you to order stock at the right time.

Amazon eBay Rakuten Flubit SKU Cloud Fnac
stock control, always.

Wherever you sell, Amazon, eBay or any of the various marketplaces, we'll update your stock levels to keep you in complete control. And on Amazon we'll automatically swap between FBA and Merchant Fulfilled as inventory levels shift to ensure you never stop selling. Call us on 01786 430076 and we can explain more.

With options to control how your stock levels are publicised you can even suggest that stock levels are low to encourage the impulse buyer to make that purchase there and then.

Manage your inventory levels wherever it's been sold

We ensure you stay in control of your inventory levels by providing you with simple, clear screens to show you what you have in stock, where it is, whats already been allocated and who the suppliers are.

We'll even show you where that item is included in your kits to always guarantee that you know exactly where you stand.

And to help manage your purchase orders you'll see who stock was ordered from and the price paid.

Control costs and quality with unified stock management

  • Reduce the cost of stock held
  • Improve your customer satisfaction metrics
  • Know who to reorder from and when
  • Manage all your stock across numerous marketplaces...
  • Amazon inventory & stock management
  • eBay inventory & stock management
  • Fnac inventory management
  • Rakuten inventory management
  • Flubit inventory management
  • SKU Cloud inventory management
  • Shopify inventory management
  • Magento inventory management

There is no excuse for losing control of your stock with Seller Dynamics. We update your stock levels wherever you sell and ensure that you have the information you need to re-order and re-stock when necessary.

Overselling can be removed entirely thanks to a range of options and features all aimed at improving your fulfillment metrics and reducing the cost of stock held.

We know you'll have questions on how you can best control your stock, so call us with any questions today on 01786 430076.

With Seller Dynamics you'll find that we manage your inventory to ensure you are always in control: from Amazon to your own site, we are always on top of things.

Knowing where your stock is kept

To aid faster picking we provide you with the capability to record where your inventory is held.

That ensures your team can find the correct item quickly and gives you the confidence that you carry out stock taking activities quickly.

Improved use of capital with unified stock control

The proven solution for stock control and supplier management

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